16 Letters to my future self

 I was sitting around one day thinking of all of the things that I would tell myself if I could go back in time.  Some things I would tell my self to do differently.  Some people, places, and things I would tell myself to avoid.  Some things were just pearls of wisdom that I would have loved to use in making decisions.  That is the moment that it occured to me that we might not be able to write a letter to our past self, but it is within our power to change our future selves.  This realization birthed "16 Letters to my Future Self"

Join me on the journey to find the person you have always been looking for.

The Most Beautiful Glass House : 16 Letters to my Future Self


Manufactured For Success

There is nothing like the day when you realize that you have purpose and meaning. That your life is special and there are things that you are created to do.  Yet with all of our headaches and pains, sometimes it is hard to believe that we can do it.  The most empowering day of my life was the day that I came to the realization that I am manufactured for success. 

Manufactured for Success: Living on Purpose 

Manufactured for Success
Manufactured for Success

The Art Teacher Who Couldn't Draw: Discovering your inner self - by erica Washington

We may not know all the talents and powers we have inside of us. Discovering them can be both frightening and exciting. Come on a journey with me as I tell the story of a few inner treasures I have discovered over time. Hopefully, you will discover some of your talents and powers as well. 

The Art Teacher Who Couldn't Draw: Discovering Your Inner Self